I Love fany " Tiffany Hwang " .. i am fucking fall in love with her ! ♥


“As we grow older, I don’t think people would want to see us shaking lollipops and acting all cute. Instead, they would want us to strive to perfect ourselves as artists. If that’s the case, then we’re confident that we can be such artists.”

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“When I was little, I never thought I was exceptionally good at singing or dancing. However, before I came to Korea, I realized that I liked and had a knack for singing and dancing. Even my brother, who is stingy with compliments, told me, “You’re good at singing,” so I gained more confidence. Since then, I didn’t think about following any other route and only dreamed of becoming a singer. Something I thought of at that time, and after actually experiencing it, is “No one can beat a person who tries their best.” - Tiffany Hwang 

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